Brent Emerson-How to Update Your Fashion Sense This Monsoon

June 19, 2021

Monsoon has just arrived and many of us are in confusion, how to modify our closet according to our comfort. Well, Rainy Season is quite an unpredictable season, weather fluctuates a lot this time. Though it is moist and cool outside we feel much hot inside our home and office. Hence Brent Emerson Arizona, based Fashion Designer whose stores are in North Carolina and Arizona, have brought some useful tips to update your fashion style during this monsoon.

 1. Choose the Right Fabric

Fabric matters a lot during this season. Cotton is the best fabric and most comfortable of all the fabrics. Avoid heavy fabrics like denim or Saturn clothes. As many times we get wet during rains so wearing heavy fabrics. These types of fabrics make us feel having some pricks in our bodies.

Also, keep away from Transparent Garments as it gives a weird look. Hence go for light fabrics such as nylon, chiffon, cotton, polyester. These are quite congenial according to the weather.

2. Pick the Appropriate and Sophisticated Attire

You need to be extra careful while selecting clothes in the rainy season. Walking through those muddy streets and mire all around make even our clothes dirty. So to be saved from all this we should pick on short dresses, A-Line dresses, knee-length skirts, frocks, cotton capris, midis, cropped trousers, etc.

Most important stay away from tight-fitting clothes and choose loose outfits. These types of garments are compatible during rains.

3. Go for the Suitable Footwear

Footwear is the primary thing in any season but you have to be extremely careful in selecting the footwear in the rainy season. As wrong footwear affects your posture and it may cause infection too. Refrain from wearing leather shoes, plastic slippers and emphasize casual flip flops. Stay away from high heels, plastic sleepers and try rubber footwear.

4. Select the Proper Colors

To avoid the dull and pensive mood, Brent Emerson NC has brought some bright colors to make the atmosphere pleasant in this beautiful monsoon. Bright shades of colors like Red, Blue, Orange, Purple, Brown with floral prints will uplift your mood. And remember don’t just stick to those boring black and grey tints. Lastly avoid wearing white, yellow, baby pink hues.

5. Add on with Elegant Bag

Having a waterproof bag is also essential during this humid season. Say no to Leather bags and have a spacious bag in which you can keep all your necessary belongings like a cellphone, cash, keys safely. Using Tote bags in monsoon is always recommended.

6. Accessories and Makeup

Lastly, the makeup should be done most appropriately. Avoid bright and gaudy makeup. This is a time to flaunt your natural beauty more than just put on a light-colored lip balm or nude lipstick, waterproof eye makeup. Talking about accessories try a thin bracelet, a thin chain with a cute locket, and keep away from long earrings and wooden jewelry.